Masks are mandatory upon entering the building and must remain on your entire visit Please note: We do not provide masks, please bring your own mask with you.
If you are sick or showing any COVID-19 symptoms please stay home.
Prior to receiving services, an Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability relating to COVID-19 MUST be signed .
Daily temperature checks are required on everyone who enters the building. Staff & Clients.

NO EXTRA GUEST ALLOWED (unless to accompany a minor being serviced) If you are not being serviced you must wait in your car. 

All Technicians have always been required to wear gloves while servicing, this will continue however, masks have been optional, Technicians are now required to wear masks while servicing clients
Staff will observe social distancing in break rooms with employees
Active work stations are more than 6-feet apart, work stations are secluded by rooms. No one is present in the room except you and your Tech
We have always had a NO CHILDREN POLICY inside the studio and this will remain.
Restrooms have always been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least 5 times daily and re freshened periodically throughout the day. Our restrooms will remained stocked with soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and paper towels.
We have always had and will remain to have hand sanitizer located at the front desk, inside each suite, and inside both restrooms for public use. 

We have always and will remain disinfecting the wax suites, door handles, beds, utensils in between every client
We have always and will remain wearing gloves will servicing clients, and disposing of those gloves after every client
We have always and will remain changing disinfecting solutions every 4 hours 
We have always and will remain disposing of or disinfecting all skincare applications immediately after use
We have always and will remain disinfecting the store. This includes door handles, furniture, work spaces, hallway, restrooms, etc
We have ALWAYS taken your health seriously. We have always abided by these "new regulations" These regulations are habit for us here at The Skin Bar Med Spa. Please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make sure your experience with us is a good one and keeps you in good health.